I understand construction sites, the dust, the bare foundation. Humans desire to break it all down, to start over, to erase the bitter taste of betrayal. The slash in your internal logic, reality. I carry a basket of caring, open and every now and then I get broken down by antagonizing forces. Why? I don’t […]

I first made peace when I kissed away the words “war” from the pages of Tolstoy. I first made love to her because she thought I was a revolutionary. …But I only watched others from the sidelines. That one time she witnessed me smearing off ink spelling out war, I laid down my sexuality in […]

Travis pulled off the dust cover from the red camaro. “Hey buddy” he gently talked with the machine. His first fond memories were of helping dad take care of the camaro, removing the oil pan, handing the wrench, hosing it and shining it. “Lets take you for a spin.” He rejoiced in the clear sky […]

I am looking for your hair in the sheets, for your smell in cologne bottles, for eagerness to live another day in your morning smile, for the light of my eyes reflecting in yours. I am looking for your trembling flying fingers to never be lost again and when I find the rest of you, […]

Time has started to disintegrate, the morning turns into the night at the turn of River’s head or a blink and she no longer knows what happened first. She held onto time by carefully marking the calendar like a diligent student. It was more simple to know what would happen next. Next, she will learn […]

In silence, the more distant relatives left cards with money and supportive words nestled inside, handmade jewelry, pictures of Miranda, even baked pies, more candles and live plants in pots. Uncle Clarence handed River a large jar with peach colored liquid, “My own production.” Ignoring his out place smugness, she repeated herself for a countless […]

River nauseated to the suburban desert roosters ushering in twilight. She rocked by pushing off with her toes while sitting on the bench of her backyard. She sneaked in like her fifteen year old self that forgot her keys the last time. Was River committing cardinal sins, smudging chalk on the sidewalks of peaceful neighborhoods? […]