Monologue from a LDL (long distance lover)

I’ve been in them. I am in one. Yet still, I promote:

Don’t get into a long distance relationship. Please, don’t. When you are apart, your relationship is dead, yes dead – to feel physical touch is to be alive. To think of someone, well, you can still do that when you are dead. And when you meet on the weekends, once a year, whether it be in one of the partner’s house, or halfway in between in some hotel, it will feel like an affair. A multiple nightstand. It is only an escape from daily, boring life.

So unless there is non-long-distance future on the horizon, don’t fool yourself that it’s a once upon a lifetime meant to be, or we would’ve never met otherwise type of deal. Wherever you go, is where you meet people. So don’t look longingly across the ocean from cyberspace, look around yourself.

I am guilty as charged, but that gives me the more credentials for you to listen to my advice.



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